Weaver Green Rug Stripe Coral

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This brilliant coral striped rug is the perfect addition to any home. Soft underfoot and made with our looser weave, they're perfect for low traffic areas like upstairs hallways and bedrooms. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, this coral striped rug is as soft as wool yet stain-resistant, machine washable and very easy to clean. Moths won't eat them, dust mites won't nest in them and, like all of our products, they're perfect for allergy sufferers.

- Material: Recycled Plastic bottles
- Dimension: 60 x 100 cm
- Our rugs emerge from the washing machine virtually dry, so simply hang on the line to fully air dry. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

About Weaver Green

Weaver Green textiles look and feel like wool but are waterproof, mould resistant. easy to clean, hard wearing and have great environmentally friendly credentials.