Rupert & Bird Crabs Holes Coral Beach towel

$380.00 HKD


Have you ever wondered how the thousands of tiny holes across the waters edge is made? These holes and burrows are the protective tunnels of Ghost Crabs. They spend most of the day time down in their burrows, protected from drying out; but during the evening, they come out and scavenge along the beach and high tide line for food.

RUPERT & BIRD is a compact and convenient towel to suit a dynamic, outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s hiking, diving, camping or general beaching; the lightweight, quick dry and sand free nature of RUPERT & BIRD towels make the perfect companion for an adventurous soul. They are compact enough to travel with ease, without sacrificing on size and the soft comforting traits of the beloved beach towel. Balancing salvage with style, each towel consists of fabric made primarily from recycled plastic bottles, equal to twenty-two bottles saved from the ocean or landfill. Each towel is packaged in an organic cotton mesh bag which should be reused to store fruit and vegetables. No waste and plenty to gain. 

Super soft, Absorbent but quick drying, Sand free
Packaged in an organic cotton mesh bag, reusable for storing fruit and vegetables.

About Rupert & Bird

RUPERT & BIRD was born from a deep concern about the amount of garbage in the ocean and an abiding passion to support environmental conservation. This, married with the love of aquatic pursuits, united to create the brand.


Made from 60% recycled plastic bottles. 
Compact and light weight: 0.6kg


Products details

Beach Towel  180 x 80 cm