Naked Lab Eye Mask

$360.00 HKD


Drift off into the bliss of sleep the way nature intended with our ’s ultra-soft and comfortable organic bamboo silk Eye Mask. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, the cloud-like texture brings unmatched comfort for your best rest.

Features and Benefits

Sleep comfortably with the feeling of 100% organic bamboo silk on your skin

Provides darkness that will put you at ease for ultimate relaxation to fall asleep

The fully adjustable strap is stretchy with a sliding band to fit any adult size head comfortably

Inside of Sleeping Mask

The fabric that rests over your eyes is 100% natural bamnboo silk. One of the biggest benefits of bamboo silk is that it stays cool during the entire night, providing you with a more relaxed night of sleep. Silk has also been proven to help your skin hold on moisture, so you are less likely to wake up with dry, flaky skin. This mask also features a padded ridge along the bottom of the mask to prevent light from leaking in around the nose and cheeks.

Outside of Sleeping Mask

The exterior fabric of the sleeping mask is also 100% bamboo silk. The outside fabric does not make contact with the face; it simply defines the look and feel of the eye mask and has been selected specifically to withstand the rigours of sleep and travel.

Strap Details

This mask features a sliding band elastic strap that allows you to get the perfect fit. This new style of strap is also Velcro free, so there is no risk of your hair getting snagged in the strap.

  • Soft like Clouds - Provides ultimate comfort and is great for sensitive skin.
  • No harmful chemicals - Our fabric is Okeo-tex certified, that means no harmful chemical in the making process nor dye.
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic - Naturally repels dust mites, mould and mildew.
  • Extremely Breathable - Natural fibres allow for greater air flow.
  • Thermoregulating - Keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Vegan-Friendly - All our products don't have any animal-derived materials.

About Naked Lab

Naked Lab was founded in 2018. Naked Lab is about the natural, the organic, the kind of good products that you would want to provide for your kids and family. Naked Lab’s bamboo silk sheets were a hit straight away and since then they’ve been slowly growing their range to other wonderful products including baby cot sheets, kid's bedding set, and pillowslip.

Organic Bamboo Silk

Product detail

1x Eye mask