Heirloom Brass Coasters

$540.00 HKD

A set of 4 clean and minimal coasters to add a hint of luxury in your everyday life. These elegant brass coasters are made from a single sheet of brass in our foundry using pure metals and alloys that will oxidise over time. Each one is backed with natural cork to protect your delicate surfaces.

Available in Hong Kong EXCLUSIVELY at INSIDE.

- Crafted in India
- Material: Brass and Cork
- Diameter 10 cm
- Our brass products have a natural living finish that will evolve and darken with use.

About Fleck

Shruti & Nishant, wife-husband duo started Fleck in spring 2019 in pursuit of creating a dream ceramic mug that they could get their chai & coffee, respectively, which turned into an admiration for Indian ceramicists & makers. From there on they have been exploring unique materials with fantastic craftsmanship & clean aesthetics while keeping our Indian roots in place.