The 'Earth' Ceramic Mugs Set of 2 with lid

$380.00 HKD

The 'Earth' Ceramic Mug set of two is an elegant switch for your daily dose of a cuppa. Inspired by the earth, our 'The Earth Mug Set of Two' is a natural art piece! The lid of these cups can be used as coasters too.

- Material: ceramic
- Dimension: 9 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm
- Capacity: 150 ml
- Handcrafted

About Ellementry

Good design isn't a privilege, it is customary. It is where nature meets tradition to handcraft beauty that goes beyond sight, found at the intersection of what we see and what we make of it. All of the products are sustainable and follow the belief that 'what looks good, should also do good'.