Petrossian Caviar Showcase for Two

$1,580.00 HKD

Inside and Petrossian have teamed up to offer 3 exclusive Christmas sets to celebrate the seasonal. This collaboration will have connoisseurs happily impressed with these fushions that no-one saw coming.

Nothing evokes the decadent age of the Tsars like the potent aromatics of Ossetra caviar filling your senses. This is a pure expression of heritage techniques, evoking our century of sophistication and savoir-faire.

Compose your own set by choosing 1 Small Bowl from Sthal

This set contains:
- 1 Caviar Ossetra Tsar Imperial - 30g or 50g tin
- 1 Small Bowl of your choice
- 2 Glasses of champagne, Mouth-blown
- Deliveries on weekdays only within 24h.

About Petrossian

It has been almost 100 years since the Petrossian Family came to Paris and began a love affair between caviar and the City of Light. Their passion and commitment to excellence have made the Petrossian name synonymous with timeless elegance, sophistication and the art of caviar.